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College Admissions Scandal: A Need to Audit Campus Procedures

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), on March 12, 2019, held a press conference to announce the existence of a nationwide college admissions scam. The DOJ contends numerous university employees, parents (including several celebrities) and third-parties engaged in a scheme involving fraudulent activities (i.e., exam cheating, athletically-related recruitment) to ensure the admission of students at colleges and universities in the United States. Buckner recommends colleges and universities conduct comprehensive reviews of campus admission policies, procedures and protocols as soon as possible to proactively detect wrongdoing and minimize institutional legal and NCAA administrative liability. According to a recent notice by the Association of College & University Auditors (ACUA), potential objectives of an admissions audit should include:

• Determine the adequacy of recruitment activities aimed at enrolling a qualified, diverse student body.

• Determine if the application review and appeal process are prescribed and consistently followed.

• Ensure applications and related supplemental materials are secured.

• Determine the adequacy of the process to identify the residential status of applicants.

• Review the adequacy of controls for athletes and other special admissions applicants.

• Review oversight of special admissions applicants to ensure that multiple administrators are involved in approving the acceptance of those students and assess their process for ongoing monitoring of students after they enroll.

Contact Michael Buckner (954-315-0190; michelbucknerlaw@gmail.com) if your campus is interested in conducting an external admissions audit.