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Four Reasons Your Organization Should Conduct Regular External Audits in Critical Areas

The complexity of conducting business in the higher-education and sports industries dictate the need for an external auditor. Organizations from all sectors of society now view the use of external auditors as an excellent way to bolster the work of internal auditors. A great external auditor can assist an organization with:

  1. Impartiality and credibility. An external auditor provides an impartiality and credibility that cannot be obtained from an internal auditor. Even if an internal audit team is best-in-class, an internal auditor can provide findings without concerns of bias (since there are no concerns over repercussions).

  2. Compliance. An external auditor can help an organization with identifying areas where policies, practices and protocols are: (1) no longer in compliance with government and private regulatory rules; and (2) insufficient or ripe for abuses.

  3. Prevention of illicit behavior. An external auditor can analyze the records and practices of an organization without any personal relationships impacting the inquiry.

  4. Improvement of internal policies, procedures and protocols. An external auditor may identify areas in which the organization is excelling, as well as recommend parts in which an organization could improve.

If your organization is considering hiring an outside firm to examine certain areas, Buckner is available to assist with the following audit services:

• NCAA rules-compliance review

• College admissions audit

• Title IX/gender-equity assessment

• American with Disabilities (ADA) policies and procedures review.

Contact Michael Buckner (michaelbucknerlaw@gmail.com or 954-315-0190) for more information on the firm’s auditing services.

Michael Buckner